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Guanghong Optoelectronics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is the first high-tech enterprise invested by Hong Kong Guanghong Technology Co., Ltd. The first professional manufacturer in mainland China to apply laser and electroforming to SMT templates. As a leading enterprise in the SMT template industry, Guanghong has cultivated a large number of technical and management talents. After more than 20 years of development, with its advanced management mechanism, perfect quality control system, good after-sales service and pioneering spirit of "dare to be the first", it is committed to product research and development. On the basis of the original ordinary laser template, the development A series of new materials and process laser templates such as nano template, Mini LED template, SIP, template, FG template, electroforming step template, multi-thickness step template, micro-hole, etc.; KWE provides high-quality and sophisticated for domestic and international SMT manufacturers Laser, electroforming stencil, nano stencil, FG stencil, multi-thickness ladder and other high-end masks have made great contributions to the diversification of the SMT industry, and at the same time, they have also achieved the well-known brand "KWE", which is recognized by the SMT industry every year. The association named "China SMT Innovation Achievement Award" and "The Most Potential Shenzhen Brand". Thanks to the trust of our customers, KWE has become a leader in the SMT template industry. The technology of new materials and process series products developed by KWE is far ahead of the peers; the company's main customers are the world's top 500 electronics companies, relying on KWE's technological advantages, strict quality control, united and stable technical team, new product development and The promotion of new technology has made the qualified rate of Guanghong products reach more than 99%. The market covers mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the United States and Australia. The market share of products is as high as 30%, and the market share of some high-end products reaches 45%.

  As an industry leader, we are committed to developing a series of new materials and new processes, and breaking through key technologies. Our goal is not limited to manufacturing stencils, but to develop, develop, and improve SMT stencil technology to provide the diversification and rapid development of the SMT industry. All technical guarantees; KWE has its own multiple patented technologies, innovative pioneering spirit and excellent corporate culture. Shenzhen Guanghong provides customers with Timely and sophisticated products, relying on excellent technology and corporate culture, are committed to market development, extensively cooperate closely with computer, communication, electronics and other industries, and constantly develop new processes in response to customer needs and technological progress. , upgrade and improve equipment technology, and introduce new products; apply German technology to successfully develop WAFER BUMP, wafer packaging, touch screen microporous printing technology and packaging of 0201 and 01005 components in the SMT industry; electroforming technology research and development center developed Precision MASK, COB bonding (3D) templates and a series of high-end, precise and cutting-edge products.

  We make full use of the company's high-end laser technology, nanotechnology, electroforming technology and fine technology and the pioneering spirit of "dare to be the first" to provide high-end technical support for our customers; with the rapid development of SMT and cutting-edge technology requirements, we will invest in More research and development strength and special funds, research and development of forward-looking microelectronic semiconductor technology and supporting solutions, lay a solid foundation for the company to successfully enter the field of microelectronic semiconductor, and provide all technical support and guarantee for the high-end development requirements of the SMT industry.


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