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the year 1995

Hong Kong Guanghong Group invested and registered to establish Shenzhen Branch. It is the first company in China to introduce the German LPKF high-precision laser cutting machine, and the first company in mainland China to launch SMT laser templates, providing high-quality laser templates for the majority of SMT manufacturers.


In the same industry, it took the lead in passing the ISO9002 international certification of the international authoritative organization SGS.


Hong Kong Guanghong Group invested and registered the establishment of Guanghong Kunshan Factory. The vigorous development of the SMT industry in East China provides high-quality laser templates for domestic SMT manufacturers in East China, Central China, and North China.


Guanghong independently developed a brand new electropolishing stencil. The application of electropolishing technology makes SMT stencils achieve more precise and high-end quality.

year 2002

Guanghong Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. changed its name to Guanghong Optoelectronics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and passed the certification of the Science and Technology and Information Bureau, and won the title of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise.

Year 2003

Guanghong cooperates with well-known Japanese companies, introduces 40 years of mature and advanced electroforming template production technology from Japanese companies, develops and produces high-precision SMT electroforming templates, and new movable templates with interchangeable screen frames. And on this basis, we gradually develop high-precision semiconductor wafer templates and various high-precision and miniaturized electronic components, which are widely used in high-end fields such as optics, aviation, and communications.

year 2004

The group company has successfully developed Wafer Bump, wafer packaging, and touch screen micro-hole printing technology by citing German technology, laying a solid foundation for the company to successfully enter the field of microelectronics and semiconductors.


Introduced the German LPKF top-level high-precision microhole laser template cutting machine Micro Cut, which represents the highest level of laser template processing, and launched laser microhole templates.

year 2006

Hong Kong Guanghong Group invested and registered to establish Guanghong Xiamen Factory. Provide better and faster services for SMT manufacturers in southern Fujian, eastern Guangdong and other regions.


Introduced multiple laser template cutting machines MultiCut with the latest technology from German LPKF.

Year 2008

On August 25, Kunshan Branch expanded its scale and moved to a new factory building. The 2008 version of Guanghong Enterprise Implementation Standard was revised and filed in Shenzhen Bureau of Quality Supervision

Year 2009

The laser and electroforming production line expanded the production scale, and the research and development of solar photovoltaic cell templates, high-precision templates, and IC packaging templates were successful.

year 2010

Chengdu Guanghong Company and Hangzhou Guanghong Company officially put into production

year 2011

Guanghong products won a new record for enterprises in Shenzhen.

Guangzhou Guanghong officially put into production


The nano-products were successfully developed and officially introduced to the market.

year 2013

FG products are introduced to the market


National high-tech enterprise approved


Won: "China Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise Ingenuity Award"


Guanghong electroforming products Mini LED template and SIP template are officially launched on the market


Approved again as a national high-tech enterprise

Won: "Science and Technology Innovation of Equipment Industry in Socialist Pioneering Demonstration Zone" Progress Award


Won the Confucian Bull Award in the "Shenzhen Advanced Manufacturing Intelligent Equipment Field of Socialist Pioneering Demonstration Zone"


3D electroformed stencil products are introduced to the market


Won the 2022 Shenzhen Specialized Special New Small and Medium Enterprises


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