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Secretary-General Su Manbo of the SMT Special Committee visited our booth

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Secretary-General Su Manbo of the SMT Special Committee visited our booth


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The 2014 China Electronic Equipment Industry Expo was held in Shenzhen from July 31st to August 2nd. During the exhibition, Su Manbo, Secretary-General of the SMT Special Committee of the Guangdong Institute of Electronics, came to the booth of Guanghong Company to visit, guide, and work on the spot The staff talked cordially, put forward many suggestions for the future development of our company, and took a group photo with our staff.



Su Manbo——Secretary-General of the SMT Special Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Electronics and the SMT Special Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Institute of Electronics. He graduated from the Department of Western Language and Literature of Peking University in 1962. Worked in the 30th Research Institute of the Science and Technology Group, and served as the director of the Research Institute's Intelligence Research Office and the director of the Staff Education Department. In 1992, the country's first SMT professional committee, the SMT Committee of Sichuan Institute of Electronics, was established. In the past two decades, it has held many national large-scale SMT academic conferences, and edited and published more than 20 kinds of SMT professional books. He has served as a technical review expert for various engineering projects including the State Planning Commission for many times. In recent years, we have fully supported the development of a number of small and medium-sized SMT national enterprises, created a number of national brands of SMT equipment, and made them create an output value of more than one billion yuan. They have achieved remarkable results in the competition with foreign brands.

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