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2015 Spring Festival Gala Sharing

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2015 Spring Festival Gala Sharing


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Time flies, time flies, and the busy 2014 has passed in a blink of an eye, and 2015, full of expectations, is coming to us. On February 8, 2015, Riguanghong Optoelectronics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ushered in the 2015 Spring Festival Gala.



2014 is a year of innovation and harvest for Guanghong Optoelectronics. In this year, we adhere to the purpose of developing the market with technology, increasing efficiency with management, and establishing image with service. We won the 2014 China SMT Innovation Achievement Award and the 2014 China SMT Best User Service Award; there are too many wonderful things to cherish this year!



Mr. Pan Yuqiang, the general manager of Guanghong Optoelectronics, delivered a wonderful New Year speech for the party! At the same time, I hope that in the new year, Guanghong Optoelectronics will go forward bravely and work together to create greater glories.



Then the wonderful performance kicked off, and a beautiful song "It's a pity it's not you" was sung. When everyone was still unsatisfied, Tianhe Branch brought another song "I want to fly".


In 2014, a large number of employees with outstanding performance and excellent work emerged in our company. Mr. Chen Mengcai, the deputy general manager of the company, announced the "2014 Honorary List of Advanced and Excellent Employees".



Amidst the warm applause, the winners of outstanding employees came to the stage to receive their awards. General Manager Mr. Pan Yuqiang, Deputy General Managers Mr. Chen Mengcai and Mr. Huang Haobing awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to the winners.



Representatives of advanced employees delivered acceptance speeches.



After singing a passionate song "Serving the Country with Loyalty", we ushered in a wonderful dance "Group of Gods", and the audience burst into warm applause from time to time.



Guzheng performed "Pipa Language", the audience was silent, flashing lights kept flashing, and "Daughter's Love" was played amidst the constant Encore sound.



The humorous skit performance "Pan Jinlian Molested Bao Qingtian in the Court" pushed the party to a climax, with constant laughter and cheers from the audience.



After a song "Am I in Your Heart", the chorus "Tomorrow will be better" ushered in. When we were still intoxicated by the beautiful singing of the party, the curtain came down slowly.

  In the 20 years of Guanghong Optoelectronics, we have built our brand with integrity and sowed wisdom in the land of hope; in the 20 years of Guanghong Optoelectronics, we have started our business with perseverance and reaped joy through hard work. Guanghong Optoelectronics' 2015 Spring Festival Gala ended successfully in the sound of singing, laughter and blessings!

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