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Guanghong won the 2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise Ingenuity Award

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Guanghong won the 2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise Ingenuity Award


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In the era of rapid technological development, only when the "artisan spirit" of dedication, leanness, concentration, and innovation is integrated into every link of production, design, and operation, can Chinese manufacturing win the future. The "China Smart Manufacturing Enterprise Ingenuity Award" was established by the SMT Special Committee of the Guangdong Institute of Electronics and reviewed by Chinese SMT technical experts and important industry figures. It is an authoritative and only award organized and issued by China.



Guanghong, our craftsmen constantly improve their craftsmanship by constantly carving out the products in their hands, and enjoy the process of continuous sublimation of handicrafts in their own hands. Guanghong has always been pursuing the details, insisting on high-quality products, focusing on steel mesh research for more than 23 years, and we have been leading the industry trend.


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